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Why we created the Centralized Building Maintenance and Monitoring System?

Buildings must be maintained for the entirety of its life-cycle. This System was developed to enhance Building Maintenance operations by introducing affordable smart technology to all industry players. Centralized Building Maintenance and Monitoring System (C.B.M.S) ushers the way forward, to merge traditional Facility Management expertise with the most advance technologies available.

Smart Technology. Connected. Tailored. Modular … A Glimpse of the Future

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Founder & CEO
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Mu Pathma

Business Technology Partner

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About Us

Our MISSION is to Lead the way for the adoption of IoT Technology in the Facility Management industry and for the transformation of Buildings as Integral components for future SMART Cities.
The infusion of Intelligent Technology into buildings will help in increasing the safety of occupants, improve the security of the building, reduce breakdowns, increase life span of equipment and improve the overall Image of the building.
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